In the distant 2000s, in an educational institution, I became interested in Adobe Photoshop 6 version. Seriously began to study web design in 2007. Initially it was an independent study of html / css. When I achieved some success in layout, working in the studio, versting design projects from other designers guys, managed to love the graphics and design of sites in general. In addition to layout, I also became interested in building interfaces for web projects, modular grids, typography, and infographics. Began to come up with great ideas how to improve this or that site, make it more convenient and aesthetic. And I decided strictly “We need to change everything.”

Professional skills in the field of layout made me start my career as a freelancer of a web designer. I am purposeful and ambitious person, I always try to bring the solution of the problem to the ideal key. I’m constantly engaged in self-development, acquiring the courses of leading companies-developers of the media industry, I learn more and more each time, which is reflected in my subsequent works. And I strive to do every new project better than the previous one. Do you want your project to be next?